Love, Lust and Darkness – Your Move

It was too dark to see so I just made a mess of my nightstand drawer until I was able to find the little packet I needed. I ripped it open and rolled it onto him hungrily. Not a second after I’d completed that task had I rolled him over so that I was on top. He cupped my breasts and I thrusted onto him hungrily. I liked this,I liked being in control. He tried to roll me over but I pushed back down and thrusted up and down harder. I could tell he was into it. He admired my breasts as they bounced gently, mirroring my body’s movements. I threw my head back and let pleasure consume me. He saw this as his moment and took advantage. He gently flipped me over and began thrusting from behind, spanking me in the process. I yelped but met his thrusts, my hunger insatiable. I came again after a few more movements and he followed suit.I threw myself on the bed, finally satisfied. He sighed loudly.

“That was incredible,” C said. I smiled tightly in response, hoping he would get the hint and leave. He didn’t.

Without turning the lights on, I reached for my nightstand again. This time I pulled out my metal tin and lit a joint.

“Do you mind?” I asked.

He shook his head in response.

“So, do you wanna grab dinner sometime this week?” C asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m free. But I’m actually starving now. Wanna grab a bite?”

This was my compromise and he knew it. I wasn’t going to have dinner with him and I probably wouldn’t reach out to him again unless I wanted a repeat of the last hour. I didn’t want a repeat, did I? But the least I could do for a guy who gave me two orgasms was get a bite to eat with him after. I was still a lady, after all. He smiled and nodded.

I got up and threw on some leggings and an oversized band t-shirt, throwing my hair in a ponytail and topping it off with a black baseball hat. I tied my jean jacket around my waist and slipped into my converse. C looked over at me and smiled. He walked up to me slowly and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck.

“Why do I get the feeling I won’t see you again after tonight?” He asked.

“Because we probably won’t see each other. I’ll be busy, then you’ll be busy. In between all that you’re gonna meet someone else and she’ll be better for you than I am.”

“But I – …” I put my finger to his mouth.

“Don’t ruin this. This was fun, right? Just shut up. Let’s go get tacos. I’m starving.”

He smiled but didn’t argue.

We walked to my favorite taco spot, laughing on the way here. He was a really great guy, super funny. But I was going to ruin him with my insecurities and unresolved issues. I knew this, he knew this. But I’ll always remember him as the guy who made me laugh so hard that I (unattractively) spit my agua de tamarindo out. He grabbed a napkin and patted my face with it as he laughed and as tears rolled down my cheeks from all the laughter.

He walked me home and even offered froyo on our way back. I declined. Another chance to spit my food out cus he was funny? No, thanks. When we finally got to my building he pulled me back, taking me by surprise.

“Don’t do this. I had fun, I know you had fun..” He said.

“I’m not doing anything,” I replied sweetly. “If the universe wants us to meet again, we will.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“I don’t care what the universe wants. I want us to meet again,” he said as he pushed my hair behind my ears.

I kissed him. It was better than replying because I felt myself melting with his sweet words. I had to hold my ground.

He finally came up for air and I kissed him again. This time more passionately. I wanted to leave him wanting more. Deep down I wanted him to prove me wrong but I wasn’t going to light that tiny shred of hope just for it to be put out abruptly.

“Goodnight,” I whispered as I pulled away.

He sighed again. The sigh that became so familiar from the last 5 hours we spent together.

“Goodnight,” he sighed. He kissed my forehead and finally let me go.

I was finally about to enter by building when he yelled out, “I’ll call you.”

“Mmmm, will you?” I asked.

He laughed and waved. I watched him as he walked away, positive I would never see him again.

I dragged myself up the stairs to my apartment and opened the door. It was as dark as I’d left it. Before I even got to my room, I was already half undressed. I looked around for my pajamas and then I spotted something unfamiliar on my chaise sofa. As I got closer, I realized it was C’s sweater.

Well played, C. Well played.



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