Love, Lust and Darkness – Your Move

It was too dark to see so I just made a mess of my nightstand drawer until I was able to find the little packet I needed. I ripped it open and rolled it onto him hungrily. Not a second after I’d completed that task had I rolled him over so that I was on top. He cupped my breasts and I thrusted onto him hungrily. I liked this,I liked being in control. He tried to roll me over but I pushed back down and thrusted up and down harder. I could tell he was into it. He admired my breasts as they bounced gently, mirroring my body’s movements. I threw my head back and let pleasure consume me. He saw this as his moment and took advantage. He gently flipped me over and began thrusting from behind, spanking me in the process. I yelped but met his thrusts, my hunger insatiable. I came again after a few more movements and he followed suit.I threw myself on the bed, finally satisfied. He sighed loudly.

“That was incredible,” C said. I smiled tightly in response, hoping he would get the hint and leave. He didn’t.

Without turning the lights on, I reached for my nightstand again. This time I pulled out my metal tin and lit a joint.

“Do you mind?” I asked.

He shook his head in response.

“So, do you wanna grab dinner sometime this week?” C asked.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m free. But I’m actually starving now. Wanna grab a bite?”

This was my compromise and he knew it. I wasn’t going to have dinner with him and I probably wouldn’t reach out to him again unless I wanted a repeat of the last hour. I didn’t want a repeat, did I? But the least I could do for a guy who gave me two orgasms was get a bite to eat with him after. I was still a lady, after all. He smiled and nodded.

I got up and threw on some leggings and an oversized band t-shirt, throwing my hair in a ponytail and topping it off with a black baseball hat. I tied my jean jacket around my waist and slipped into my converse. C looked over at me and smiled. He walked up to me slowly and hugged me from behind, kissing my neck.

“Why do I get the feeling I won’t see you again after tonight?” He asked.

“Because we probably won’t see each other. I’ll be busy, then you’ll be busy. In between all that you’re gonna meet someone else and she’ll be better for you than I am.”

“But I – …” I put my finger to his mouth.

“Don’t ruin this. This was fun, right? Just shut up. Let’s go get tacos. I’m starving.”

He smiled but didn’t argue.

We walked to my favorite taco spot, laughing on the way here. He was a really great guy, super funny. But I was going to ruin him with my insecurities and unresolved issues. I knew this, he knew this. But I’ll always remember him as the guy who made me laugh so hard that I (unattractively) spit my agua de tamarindo out. He grabbed a napkin and patted my face with it as he laughed and as tears rolled down my cheeks from all the laughter.

He walked me home and even offered froyo on our way back. I declined. Another chance to spit my food out cus he was funny? No, thanks. When we finally got to my building he pulled me back, taking me by surprise.

“Don’t do this. I had fun, I know you had fun..” He said.

“I’m not doing anything,” I replied sweetly. “If the universe wants us to meet again, we will.”

He laughed and shook his head.

“I don’t care what the universe wants. I want us to meet again,” he said as he pushed my hair behind my ears.

I kissed him. It was better than replying because I felt myself melting with his sweet words. I had to hold my ground.

He finally came up for air and I kissed him again. This time more passionately. I wanted to leave him wanting more. Deep down I wanted him to prove me wrong but I wasn’t going to light that tiny shred of hope just for it to be put out abruptly.

“Goodnight,” I whispered as I pulled away.

He sighed again. The sigh that became so familiar from the last 5 hours we spent together.

“Goodnight,” he sighed. He kissed my forehead and finally let me go.

I was finally about to enter by building when he yelled out, “I’ll call you.”

“Mmmm, will you?” I asked.

He laughed and waved. I watched him as he walked away, positive I would never see him again.

I dragged myself up the stairs to my apartment and opened the door. It was as dark as I’d left it. Before I even got to my room, I was already half undressed. I looked around for my pajamas and then I spotted something unfamiliar on my chaise sofa. As I got closer, I realized it was C’s sweater.

Well played, C. Well played.



Love, Lust and Darkness – Heartbreak

Hi, guys. While I haven’t had time to sit down and write for you guys, I know a little busy bee who has. She hasn’t set up a schedule yet but it looks like she’ll be sending me her stories when she can. And i’ll post them as soon as she does. I miss you all and we have so much to catch up on but here you go! Hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Love, Chris ♥


There’s nothing worse than realizing someone doesn’t want you. The signs have been there all along but you chose to turn the other way. You chose to continue to grasp on to the idea that you are the one for them, because you know you’re a perfect match deep down. However, you can’t control how your significant other sees you. You don’t matter to them, you never did. Perhaps in a small lapse of time they began to but they didn’t love you enough to nurture that sentiment. So here I am. In the darkness of my home, tears streaking down my face because some lowlife didn’t want me.

B and I had been together since high school. He was the love of my life, I thought. There was not one thing I wouldn’t do for him. Slowly we started to drift. But I just couldn’t let go. He was too selfish to let go too, not wanting to lose the gifts I would get him randomly. I can’t tell you why but one day, I just snapped. I realized this “man” that I chose to love was worthless. He was asleep next to me when I picked up his phone that was vibrating at 2am. B was in too deep a sleep to notice that. It was a text from some girl asking if he was still coming over. My jaw dropped, my heart stopped and it felt like my whole world was starting to cave in. I let him sleep. Even though I couldn’t. When he finally woke up a few hours later, I threw a vase at him. All I could think as that vase shattered at his feet was how beautiful my peonies were. They didn’t deserve that but neither did I. I made him say it. If he hadn’t said it, I probably would have still behind him like a lost puppy.

“I don’t want you,” B growled. I winced. It hurt to finally hear an ugly truth that had hidden in the dark boroughs of our relationship.

I told him to pack his shit and leave my apartment. He tried to tell me he still loved me but I was already out the door. I knew myself too well because I would have believed him and I would have convinced myself to believe that we could work something out.

The coffee shop down the block from my apartment had become my sanctuary. The barista greeted me as he prepared my usual “naughty chai latte” while I paid. He handed it to me and made a small talk. I remember replying with a tight smile. As I walked out I heard him tell me, “It gets better.” I paused and looked at him. Curious as to why he was so kind to me when he didn’t need to be. I mouthed a simple “thank you” and smiled as I headed back to my apartment.

It was empty, just as I had requested. But the apartment wasn’t the only thing that felt empty. I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. When I had grown frustrated, I began to reorganize everything. B had picked up my mess with the vase. He gathered my peonies and put them on my coffee table with a note.

I’m sorry.

I scoffed at his cowardly apology. But continued to clean and reorganize my place. It was a humble loft apartment in the heart of a trendy neighborhood that my father had gifted to me. I loved it. It was my own and I didn’t need to answer to anyone at my young age. As soon as I was done cleaning, I rolled myself a joint and ended up falling asleep for the rest of the day.

So here I sat in darkness alone. Then I began to cry. This wasn’t the first time I kick B out of my apartment for this. This isn’t the first time I wake up alone and scared. But this time I realized that I didn’t feel lonely because he wasn’t there.

I felt alone with myself. That didn’t make sense to me. I gave so much of myself to another person that I didn’t know this feeling was not healthy so I cried some more. I continued to cry until I felt like I couldn’t cry anymore. Just when I thought I was done crying, there it was again. This went on for 12 hours. But in these 12 hours, not once had I reached for my phone to call B, a habit I found hard to break previously.

Something definitely shifted. I was going to come out of this stronger than I had ever imagined.



A while ago, Danny and I had bought tickets for the Spanish rock music festival in Chicago known as Ruido Fest. We were supposed to go with friends but with all his family issues going on in Mexico, he couldn’t make it. He did insist that I fly back home for it and I definitely didn’t say no. While I love supporting him and his family, I get so homesick it’s not even funny. I feel like I’m so disconnected from everyone in my life. I miss Theo and Karen, I miss my dogs and I miss my house! It’s crazy. We would fly the pups out with us but I think we traumatized Pouch with all the flying and we didn’t want them to hate us so they stay with my parents.

Back to Ruido Fest.

I flew in on Thursday earlier this month and spent some time with my family. One of the bands I wanted to see on Friday cancelled so I was just gonna stay home but my sister convinced me to go. I threw on some shorts and a band tee shirt with my  vans. Since I was still tired from the flight, I threw my bucket hat on and called it a day. Guys, I don’t know what I was expecting but that whole night was just hard to describe. On our way there, we were drinking sangria. By the time we got there, I was pretty drunk but I kept drinking. When the closing act finally came on, I was wasted and then I got high because why the fuck not. Just kidding. I was peer pressured. The last band to perform was pretty hardcore and somehow, I ended up in the fucking middle of a mosh pit. I don’t remember the last time I was that high and I was freaking the fuck out. It was so scary. Then I lost my sister and some guy knocked my drink out my hand. A total disaster, really. When I was finally able to escape the crowd I noticed my lip was bleeding. My sister found me eventually and we just stayed away from all the scary people. The night ended shortly after that and we went to get tacos. High Chris really enjoyed that. I slept like a baby.

When I woke up the next day I was so fucking hungover and I had the worst cottonmouth possible. I was so sore and my lip was swollen. It looked like I got into a fight and got my ass kicked. My sister stayed at my place so I went to go bother her and she laughed when she saw what I looked like.

“Dude, is that a black eye?” She asked. I gasped and ran to the nearest mirror. The bottom of my right eye was a little purple and swollen.

“Fuck my life. Who gets a black eye by accidentally partaking in a mosh pit?! This looks horrible.” I complained.

She laughed and then I got over it. We went downstairs to get food but since there was no food, we got brunch in the city. Having an underage sister is the bomb cus you can get drunk off bottomless mimosas and she’s your designated driver no matter what. Once we were back home I decided to nap. I woke up around 3pm-ish cus Danny was FaceTiming me.

I immediately put my glasses on so he wouldn’t see my eye, totally forgetting about my lip.

“Hey, boo. I miss you,” he said.

“I miss you toooooo,” I whined. “Come home. The babies miss you.”

He gave me a look and I shut that shit down cus I didn’t wanna get a lecture.

“What happened to your face?” He asked.

“I think what you meant to say was, ‘Why is my wife so beautiful?’ but if you must know… I accidentally participated in some stupid mosh pit and basically got my ass handed to me.”

He laughed, of course. “Tin, how does that happen by accident?!”

“You try being barely 5’3 and eaten by a crowd! It’s hard to make it out alive.”

We both laughed and I showed him my battle wounds. I hung up cus I had to start getting ready for day two. My outfit was pretty simple and consisted of pants, a tank top and a jean jacket. I did my pink hair in two Scary Spice buns with glitter roots. My sister, a few family friends and a cousin went with this time. They were all getting high on our way there and I wanted to feel included so I did too. This day was a lot more chill (thank God) so I didn’t get smacked around or anything. It was definitely exhausting though. After, we went bar hopping in Pilson for a bit before we decided on heading home.

When Sunday came around, I felt like I was done with life. I don’t know why I was so sore. I’m too old to be going to three day festivals it seems like. I didn’t get out of bed until I absolutely had to and threw on some high waisted shorts and a black crop top. My cousins smoked on our way there and I did too even though I shouldn’t have cus I got a ridiculous high. Anyway, the day was just kind of blah. I was excited to see the bands and stuff but I was really tired. I was glad when it was over and I could go back to being a potato.

I slept in that Monday until my body would not accept anymore sleep. Then I headed to my parents house and spent time with my pups. We FaceTimed Danny for a bit but he was busy.

So yeah, I flew back to Mexico that same week and I’ve been back and forth since. The good thing is that I can keep an eye out for my dad’s business matters while I’m out there but I just want to come home and be home. I love my house, I love my dogs. I don’t know how to bring it up to bae though because I don’t want it to seem like I’m bailing on us because I am definitely not but it’s just hard.

I also have a little proposition for you guys. I know I’m like the most unreliable blogger to roam the earth BUT one of my readers has offered to share some of her cool dating stories from Tinder and Seeking Arrangement on here. She’s a sugar baby based in Chicago but is kind of hesitant about starting her own blog. The plan is to post on here once a week to test the waters and then she will go from there. More than happy to support all my fellow bloggers so let me know if this is something you are all interested in reading about!

Welp. That’s all I have. I’ll try to be back with some more of my undramatic/uneventful life. I miss you all!

can anybody hear me?

I’ve been trying to post for weeks and it seems like life always gets in the way or I just am unsure of what to say. It’s totally unfair that I fell off the face of earth without an update. Consistency is probably not one of my strengths. But I do miss you all so much! I’ve tried to keep up with the emails you all send and the snapchats but it can get overwhelming having an anonymous blog to keep up with sometimes.

This blog helped work through a lot of emotional demons I had been battling for a long time. While I enjoyed sharing all of this with you, life definitely threw me like a million obstacles. I give props to everyone who is able to keep up with a blog and their personal life.

I’m not saying I want to stop writing, because I definitely don’t but I guess I just have to find a balance. Between all the problems we’ve been having with our families, Danny and I have been stretching ourselves thin trying to balance it all out. We haven’t been able to wedding plan or even enjoy our marriage like we had planned. Things have just been incredibly difficult. I’m not asking for your sympathy but definitely your understanding.

I can’t express how much I miss all of you! My last two weeks consisted of me flying to Mexico three times. I flew back home last week on Thursday and now I am back in Mexico for a few days before Danny and I fly back out on Monday. He hasn’t been home in so long.

So, yeah. I know this isn’t a post but I wanted to get something up since I had some pretty nasty emails today which made me feel awful. I didn’t mean to disappear, I love you guys. Stay awesome and I hope you are all well.

one year later…

I’m sure you guys hate me for falling off the face of the earth for the past month and a half-ish? I hate myself for doing that to you guys! It just seems like Danny and I can’t catch a break.

Back in March, we were looking into buying a house in the Chicago and just when we were finalizing our decision he got a call from his mom that there was a family emergency. We basically packed our bags and headed to Mexico. I wasn’t going to go but Danny basically turned white when his mom called him. That made me nervous so I decided to tag along for support. We dropped our dogs off at my parents’ house and had my dad drop us off at the airport. The whole flight there was basically filled with anxious silence. I got a little drunk (how appropriate, I know) cus flights make me kind of nervous.

Danny’s dad is super sick. There was an incident at his job and he was injured pretty badly. I can’t get into details about it for privacy reasons but Danny is pretty shaken up still. His Dad had been in the hospital for a while until they finally released him to his home. He can’t do much still but at least he’s home now. Danny’s mom feels a lot better now that he’s home too. And I feel a lot better now that I’m home!


We’re married. I hate to drop that bomb on you guy just like that but I couldn’t help it. We just kind of eloped on our own in Mexico. My parents were furious. We are still planning to have a wedding here because I obviously want something grand as well.

Everything happened so fast. We were going to the Zocalo de Cuernavaca for some snacks. It was nice to take a break from all the craziness and enjoy the weather with him. There really wasn’t much time for that. I was waiting for my diablito when Danny disappeared. That kind of frustrated me because a diablito doesn’t taste the same when you buy it for yourself. I don’t care how that sounds but it just doesn’t. Just as I was going to take out my monedero out of my purse, Danny ran up and gave the gentleman the money. I smiled at him, kissed his cheek and thanked him.

Diablitos don’t taste the same if you buy them yourself,” he winked.

He just gets me, you know?

We walked around for a bit until we were standing by the monument.

“Do you remember how different things were last year?” I asked him.

“Yeah. You were only here on vacation. But I cherished every second of it.”

“Our lives were so much less complicated…”

“Chris, I need to ask you something.”

“Yeah..?” I asked.

“I have something for you. And I don’t want you to think that I am pressuring you but I want you to be honest with your answer. You mean the world and more to me. I can’t think of anyone else who would have taken this trip with me and had no hesitation doing so. You left your family, your dogs and everything for me, indefinitely. There’s so much you do for me and I have no idea how to repay you.”

“I love you, Danny. You know I would do anything for you.”

“Marry me,” he said as he pulled out a ring I didn’t recognize. “Not today, maybe not next month but soon. Marry me. Because I can’t stand the fact that I’ve known you for so long and you still don’t have my last name.”

I started crying and said yes.

So yeah. I’m literally blogging on like 3 hours of sleep. But I had to give you guys something! And I was dying to tell you all. So I hope you can forgive me for being MIA. But I’ll definitely tell you all about the wedding (was it really a wedding?) soon!

My husband is waiting for me in our bed….. 😉

cheeseburgers in fancy gowns

After my date with Danny, we kind of gave each other some space. It was really annoying but we figured that we probably couldn’t jump back into our normal routine. That totally wouldn’t have been healthy for us.

It was almost Christmas time and my Dad had this annual benefit that I’d promised I would accompany him to. I regretted it the day came closer. It was a ton of snobby people trying to impress each other. But it was black tie and I had been dying to dress up. I wore a gown and my hair in a half up-do.

The benefit was a little boring. My Dad spent most of his time networking and I just kind of strolled about talking to people we only usually see at this event. I ran into this girl, Danielle, who was talking to me about how her start up business was booming (insert shocked face here) and how she was looking for an interior designer. My Mom is an interior designer so I gave her a business card. But then she started talking about how this relatively new company in Chicago was remodeling a building for her. Okay, cool? I didn’t think much of it until I realized she was talking about Bae’s business. She kept saying how he was so handsome and she even invited him tonight but he declined. Can you guys imagine the shit that would have went down if I had seen him there with that tramp? It irritates me just thinking about it. Once she finally ran out of things to talk about, I got my phone out of my clutch and texted Danny.

Who is Danielle? 

I saw the three little dots two seconds after my message showed as delivered then they disappeared. With my phone in my hand, I waited a few more moments before putting my phone away. No response. I went about the rest of the evening thinking why Danny was hesitant to text me back about her? My Dad noticed that something was bothering me and asked me what was going on. I sucked it up, plastered a smile on my face and said I was fine. The night was almost over anyway.

We were finally on our way home and my Dad made me talk about what I was thinking.

“If I talk about it, can we get cheeseburgers?” I asked.

“Of course.” He responded.

I told him about Danielle and how much it bothered me. Mostly, I think I was being incredibly insecure. My Dad confirmed that but he also let me know it was normal because of everything that’s happened.

“You’re gonna work it out, kid. That guy is crazy about you. He left his whole life behind to be with you. And he knew it wouldn’t be easy. I can’t imagine any other guy would have stuck around. Just take it day by day. You’ll see. You will both end up together like you’re meant to.”

I blushed and then laughed.

“Why are you laughing?” My Dad asked.

“Because you hated Danny and now you can’t wait for us to be together again. I think it’s funny.”

My Dad smiled and shook his head.

“Okay, stop being a sap. Can we get cheeseburgers now?” I asked.

“Yes, Tin. You’re the only girl I know who is happy to stop by a drive thru in those shoes and that gown. Aren’t you worried it’ll get stained?”

“Dad. I’ve been doing this my whole life. Just get me the damn cheeseburger.”

Danny and I chose to spend Christmas Eve together on our own. We both cooked a nice dinner and watched cute movies. I fell asleep but woke up when I felt Danny move. He was organizing something under the Christmas tree.

“Is that for me?!” I asked now fully awake.

“Chris,” he laughed. “Damn it. You’re like a child. Go back to sleep.”

“But is it mine?”


“Am I going to love it?”

“I hope so,” he laughed. “Come on. Let’s go upstairs and sleep. You can open gifts in the morning.”

I didn’t want to get up so I made myself up into a human ball and made Danny carry me upstairs. We cuddled until I dozed off. When I woke up again it was like 7am on Christmas morning. Yay! I woke Bae up.

“DANNY! WAKE UP! IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!” I jumped up and down on the bed.

“If it’s before 8am, we’re gonna fight…” was his response as he look at his phone. He glared at me and this was my face:


We opened our gifts. It was a little emotional because Baby was due for his first Christmas but Danny definitely made my feelings acknowledged. We had breakfast at home before we took gifts over to my parents’ house. I think all we did was eat and bum around. My sister got me some cool makeup palettes I had been too lazy to get myself. And I gave her the same thing. Everyone thought that was cute.

I’m dying to catch you guys up on my life. It’s just that something always comes up. We’ve been really busy looking at houses in the city. But you are all more than welcome to follow me on Snapchat! My username is hopelesstempt.

Danny and I have some exciting news to share with all of you! He knows about the blog now. But first, I gotta catch you guys up on everything else. Which I will now that my schedule isn’t so crazy.

i didn’t have instructions for this

So in the midst of my breakdown, I somehow broke my phone. I don’t remember how (lies) but I recently rejoined the world of technology once again. It was super refreshing to not have a phone for a while though. No one had any way to contact me besides social media which I barely access through my laptop. Those few days without communication was just clutch.

My Dads eventually forced me to get a new phone because they are obviously over protective and needed to be in contact with me at all times. This time I got my own line though. Figured it was time to spread my wings and leave my Dad’s phone plan so I could pay for my own. Is this what grown ups do? I’ve spent a lot time reconnecting with my pups. They’re super glad  to have me back and I’ve even taken them with me to visit baby’s grave. It’s incredible how calm they are when we’re there. They just watch me intently. Like I’m fragile or something. A lot of my counseling after everything told me that I need to stop visiting him so much. I think I might have mentioned that. It was a few days before Christmas when my Dad called to check up on me while I was visiting.

“Chris, you know what the doctors told you. You cannot plan your whole life around the cemetery’s visiting hours. It is not healthy”

I sighed in frustration. My agreement was that I would slowly start to visit less and less as the weeks went by. This had just begun and I was entitled to my 4 times a week. I know that sounds excessive..

“I know. But you promised to let me do it at my pace.”

He softened up and let me enjoy my time there. I was about to start picking up when Pebbles started barking and whimpering. When I looked up, I saw Danny. He petted the pups for a while and smiled at me. I smiled back. Luckily, I had gotten a little dolled up that day because I had a few things to do at my Dad’s office that morning. More on that later. I was wearing a skirt and top under my coat paired with my knee high Loub boots. Danny loved those boots.

“Hey,” he said sheepishly.


“You look really good. I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Thanks,” I smiled. “It’s good to kind of feel human again.”

“How was your birthday?”

“I didn’t even know it was my birthday. So I guess I kind of skipped it this year..” I joked.

He furrowed his brow and stayed quiet for a bit. Then he got on his knees and put a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers on the grave. I smiled at him. This probably hurt Danny more or less the same it did me but he handled it so well.

I started packing up my things so that Danny could have his time there too.

“Listen, Christina, I know how much you love your birthday and it would mean a lot to me if you’d let me take you out for dinner. You deserve that at the very least.”

For a moment I really hesitated. There was no instructions or plans for this right now! I was on a strict program to follow.

“Uhmm. Yeah. I think I would really like that.”

“Cool. I’ll text you the details?”

I nodded and grabbed my pups. Pebbles didn’t want to leave Danny and she whimpered a bit.

“Oh, wait. I have a new number and stuff!”

“I know,” he smiled.

He looked at me innocently as I tried to hold in my laughter at his stalkerish ways. I shook my head and waved at him. When I was walking away, I heard him say “she’ll come around” to baby. I turned around and he was looking down at the tombstone smiling. This made me feel fuzzy. I never once doubted how strong our love for each other was.

Once Danny gave me the details for dinner (which weren’t many), I called Karen so that we could freak out together. She picked a dress for me that had been sitting in my closet for a while. I paired it with some black pumps and did my hair in soft curls using a wider barrel. I looked pretty flawless.

Danny picked me up in a car I didn’t recognize. He opened the door for me and everything. It was pretty adorable. He handed me a rose as I got in the car. Swwooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnn. So let me just say that I have never been attracted to anyone as much as I am to Danny and whenever he puts on a suit, I just can’t contain myself. But I needed to. No matter how badly I wanted to lick his unshaved face.

Dinner was incredibly romantic. Danny got Table 70 at Vivo. I always imagined that I would be proposed to here. Super cute. The night really just flowed and I couldn’t help but feel a tugging in my heart from how much I missed him. I hadn’t even realized it. The night flowed on and we went for a little walk even though it was freezing out. We talked and talked and talked. It’s like we never really stop learning about each other. We had walked quite a bit and I realized we were by OTC. I made Danny cross the street and admire it with me. Then I made him come inside and people watch with me. Once I was satisfied, we walked back to the car.

I was looking up as we walked and when I finally started to look where I was going, I noticed that Danny was looking at me.

“What?” I asked.

“Nothing, Chris.”

“Stop it. Tell me.” I demanded.

“I just really missed seeing you like this,” he responded as he looked down.

“I missed feeling like this,” I responded honestly.

He pulled me closer and stared at my lips for a few moments before kissing me sweetly. His kiss lingered for a bit and when we finally separated, I saw a slight flush in his cheeks.

“ARE YOU BLUSHING?!” I squealed.



He laughed and picked me up so he could throw me over his shoulder.

“Danny, stop. Put me down! Everyone can see my ass!”

A couple walked past us and giggled at our antics.

“I don’t care who sees your ass cus I know it belongs to me,” he said as he lightly smacked it.

I laughed at his remark and demanded he put me down.

“Say it’s mine! Say it!” He laughed.

Finally, I gave in.

“It’s yours!” I laughed.

“What is?”

“My ass! Put me down!”

“That’s not nice, Chris..” he said playfully.

“It’s yours! My ass is yours! I’m yours!!” I practically shouted.

He plopped me down onto the ledge of a building almost immediately.

“Damn right you’re mine, woman.” He growled.

Danny kissed me again. This time more passionately than before.